Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movies: Interview With The Vampire - Revisited

Coming back from a short visit to beautiful New Orleans I revisited the movie: "Interview With The Vampire" on DVD. Many parts of the basic book ("Interview With The Vampire" by Anne Rice) are occurring in this charming southern city and therefore a lot of the scenes were shot there.

Watching the DVD gave me the opportunity to enjoy again the beautiful houses and streets of the southern belle. Big Easy, the nickname for New Orleans, has a charming atmosphere which is reflected in the settings of the movie.

The story is about immortality: You never grow old, you never die. But it is also about boredom. You don´t change, you don´t develop, you have to stay what you are over many centuries.

The flick isn`t boring. Even if you are not interested in a vampire story you might enjoy viewing the decadent life of the rich in the early century in New Orleans and Paris and the gaudy scenery's Neil Jordan, the director, created.

The flick has one of my favorite film openings: "Terpsichore and Harp Concerto in B Flat" by Georg Friedrich Händel before the nightly skyline of modern San Francisco. The blend of a solemn baroque music and the lights of a metropolis of the presence creates a lot of anticipation. And the finish, with a very different kind of music, is worth waiting for.

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