Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Restaurants: Jin, New York

The eyes of the world are now on the disaster in Japan. But the crises will find an end and the fascinating culture of this far east nation will persist. The nightmare news don´t abate my admiration and ambition for Japanese food, therefore I continue going to Japanese restaurants. Anyway, these places still need there customers in dark times.

One of my favorite Japanese restaurants is Jin in Manhattan. This cozy place is located between Chinatown and the trendy Lower East Side (252 Broome Street, New York). I like the atmosphere of this tiny place which is a bit familial. One big advantage: They serve delicious food for very reasonable prices and they are therefore also interesting for budget conscious customers. But, be prepared to wait, in the evening the place fills up very fast!

My favorite dish there is the Sashimi Regular, which contains 18 pieces of delicate raw fish, a feast for the palate. The different kind of fishes are soft & tasty. For a few dollars more you will get Sashimi Super Deluxe (21 pieces). You can find also a lot of other traditional Japanese dishes like Teriyaki (marinated & grilled meat or fish).

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