Saturday, August 27, 2011

New York City: Preparing For The Hurricane

Visiting New York City always delivers a lot of fun & entertainment. Now the city is preparing for the hurricane Irene. The storm is still around 300 miles away and expected to arrive in the evening. But now at 1.30 pm east cost time there are a lot of preparations.

The city already shut the whole Metropolitan Transport System down and stopped subways & buses. JFK airport already cancelled all incoming flights and will be closed soon. My flight back to Europe, scheduled for Sunday 6pm, is already cancelled.

Therefore I am preparing now for a long cosy weekend at the flat of my girlfriend. For some New Yorkers the weekend will be less comfortable. The officials evacuated some parts of the city, like Battery Park and Rockaway Beach. They expect that the storm surge will pressure the tide up the coastline and into the channels like the East River, which is likely to flood some low-lying areas close to the waterfront.

Its a great time for the media who get a lot of viewers and page clicks now. And the mayor gets a lot of tv-time and can show how he cares about his citizens. Maybe that earns him a lot of voters in the next election.

Some minutes ago we were shopping and preparing for the coming storm. We got some candles and stored a lot of water in case the electricity & water supply breaks down. The nearby Essex Market, which has lot of grocery shops, was already closed. Other grocery shops were jammed. There were long lines waiting at the check out. It seems a lot of people are foraging for the storm.

We will see.

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