Friday, September 2, 2011

Traveling: You never know II

Traveling is full of surprises. In July I reported about an unplanned night in Amsterdam (travelling-you-never-know ). Last weekend my trip home from New York brought another surprise. I had booked a flight with Delta/KLM from JFK airport to Cologne/Germany with a transfer at Amsterdam Schiphol, starting on Sunday August 28th at 6.00 pm.

But last weekend the JFK Airport was closed and all flights were cancelled because Hurricane Irene was approaching. My patient and crafty girlfriend got me another flight connection after waiting 40 minutes on the telephone line. Delta booked me on a flight starting at JFK Airport on Tuesday 6pm to Istanbul where I should get a ticket to Cologne via Turkish Airlines.

It functioned. The Delta flight from NYC to the Turkish metropolis was very pleasant because the airline had upgraded my flight to their business elite class with spacious seats and delicious food. I arrived Wednesday around 11.20 am local time at Istanbul Airport Ataturk, after a one hour delay. But I had still enough time to get my boarding pass at the desk of Turkish Airlines and to catch the flight to Cologne (scheduled for 12.25 pm) which was already boarding.

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