Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movies: Puncture

Lawyers are usually a dignified bunch. Attorneys show modest manners and wear decent suits.  The movie "Puncture" (directed by the brothers Adam & Mike Kassen who are newcomers presents a very different attorney. This lawyer displays a lot of tattoos and flamboyant clothes. He has a cocaine habit, buys cheap sex and the people he hangs around with are like him. His attitude reminded me a bit of Harvey Keitel in "Bad Lieutenant". It would have fit if they had called the flick  "Bad Lawyer". But his high moral standard is the most important aberration from the code of his legal profession, he focuses on belief of what is right and not what brings the most success.

The plot narrates a David & Goliath story. A small attorney is fighting a huge company for medical supplies. But this David also is fighting with himself and his drug habit, which takes more and more control on him. The story is plausible and very interesting.

I liked the cinematography which shows the modern life in an uprising American metropolis (Houston) in cool pictures. I also very much enjoyed the soundtrack, a melange of noisy guitar rock and the baroque music of Johann Sebastian Bach ( ).

The movie is highly intelligent, cool and sexy - a real eye opener.

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