Thursday, November 3, 2011

Culture/Investing: Independent American Beers - Taste sells

I have to confess: Being an European I had had some prejudices about the American culture. Being a German I also wasn´t much fond of American beers. Brews like "Budweiser" seemed to me like dishwater. But since I`m traveling frequently to the U.S. my opinion changed. I found out, that there are lot of independent American breweries which offer a huge variety of specialties. I tasted some of them which are quite tasteful and can easily compete with German beers. Getting more curious I made a little research and found out that independent American beer brewers are on the rise (wikipedia). There are a growing number of regional brewers and more and more microbreweries catering local markets and different tastes.

These ambitions seem to pay even on the stock market. On Tuesday the Boston Beer Company reported their Q3 numbers. The corporation is one of the largest of the so-called independent beer brewers and produces the brand "Samuel Adams", one of my favorite American beers ( The reddish-brown drink reminds me a bit to "Kölsch", a speciality of Cologne/Germany, but is stronger in taste.

Boston Beer had a strong quarter. Depletions, or the amount of beer sold by wholesalers an distributors, jumped 11% in the last quarter. The revenue of the whole company rose 8% compared to last year, earning per share climbed from $1,09 to $1.19. The stock more than doubled in the last 2 years. Taste sells.

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