Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Economy: Benefits Of Globalization

Today we got news that in January manufacturing in the U.S. grew faster and that the industries of  Germany & UK were expanding again (bloomberg) (bloomberg).

I reckon that the acceleration of manufacturing in these countries displays the benefits of globalization. The growth engines in Asia, China & India, aren´t much hampered by the European mess. Both countries have a huge demand to adapt to Western standards of wealth and will continue their adaption process for many years.

Bloomberg reports today that the manufacturing indices for China & India rose in January (bloomberg), which is a sign that the industries in both huge economies are growing faster instead of the European weakness. More growth in the leading Asian economies means more exports for Caterpillar, Volkswagen and other Western companies (drivebycuriosity), which explains the acceleration of industrial growth in the U.S. and the new manufacturing growth in Germany and U.K.

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