Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movies: This Means War

Making a special agent action movie is a challenging task. You would have to compete against a lot of franchises like the "James Bond" movies and the "Mission Impossible" flicks. McG, the director of the movie "This Means War" (imdb), choose another way. He shot  a Buddy film and combined it with a Ménage à trois romantic comedy.

McG is known for funny flicks like "Charlie´s Angels" and used the occasion to extend his line of hilarious films. The movie covers a lot more topics than the director´s pseudonym has letters, but it has not more nutritional value than the popcorn people usually feed themselves at the cinema theaters.

The action & fight scenes are ridiculous but it was fun to watch how Reese Witherspoon`s character is dating 2 boys who happen to be CIA agents and best friends. This causes a lot of entertaining complications and incidents.  "This Means War" isn´t the worst way to spend a rainy winter evening.

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