Thursday, August 2, 2012

Movies: The Dark Knight Rises

If we believe the media the world is in a mess. What a relief to spend some hours in a cinema theater and get at least the illusion that there is someone who protects us from the evil. Maybe we need a benevolent mega-billionaire who uses all his wealth and power to transform into a superhero. "The Dark Knight Rises", the newest incarnation of the Batman franchise (, satisfies a lot of these savior fantasies.

Director Christopher Nolan and his dream factory delivered the expected huge cinematic spectacle. They gave full firepower and showed what Hollywood is capable of. Apparently Nolan, his brother Jonathan and author David S. Goyer, took a deep look into the history books as they developed the script. The plot reminds me of the French Revolution. As in these dark times the mob rules the streets commanded by a super-villain. They even had a tribunal. The script writers weaved a complex story about betrayal, struggle of power, civil war and much more to satisfy the appetite of the cinema craving crowd.

The cast belongs to the strongest assets of this blockbuster, especially Christian Bale. The straightforwardness and honesty, which this fine actor radiates in his roles, makes him very believable as an aging billionaire and Batman. Michael Caine convinced us again as Batman´s traditional butler and kind of father figure. I wanna have such an ├╝ber-butler for my own to take care of me.  But my favorite is Anne Hathaway as gorgeous cat woman. The way she wears her ultra-tight outfit and moves her crispy backside is alone worth the cinema ticket.

As in the former Batman movies, Gotham city, represented by Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles and other places, played a crucial role. Their concrete canyons, towers and bridges completed the dark picture of Batman`s world.

In spite of all these cinematic fireworks "The Dark Knight Rises" isn`t Nolan`s masterpiece.  This Batman spectacle doesn`t have the imaginary power of "Inception" and won`t have a lasting effect, at least in my cinematic mind. But the flick is fun and cool like a huge scoop of ice cream on a summer day. Enjoy.

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