Saturday, September 8, 2012

Movies: Killer Joe

There are plenty types of humor. It can be elegant, subtle, plumb, sarcastic, ironic, hidden, rough and much more. There is a rich tradition of movies with a brutal humor. Take for instance "Fargo" and "11:14".

"Killer Joe", directed by William Friedkin ("The Exorcist") is the newest variation (imdb). He developed this genre further and delivered a film which is sometimes really crude and gross. But it´s funny and hilarious too and got many loughs at the tiny New York cinema where I watched the flick.

Friedkin, who transformed a book by Tracy Letts (wikipedia), tells the story of some Texan rednecks. They want to solve their financial problems by hiring a killer who should murder an unloved family member to cash her insurance. As in many movies, stupidity and bad luck lead into a bloody mess.

Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel shot "Killer Joe" in a rough manner which fits to the style of the flick. He avoided the now usual artfully lighted displays. The pictures on the screen looked like shot spontaneously and reminded me a bit of Friedkin´s other masterpiece "French Connection, where the camera tracked the actors through Manhattan´s busy streets.

I guess the fine ensemble had much fun during shooting the movie. It´s fascinating watching the fabulous Juno Temple (imdb). She plays a kind of Lolita with a blend of innocence and the charm of a carnivorous plant. Gina Gershon entertains as a slutty white trash wife who doesn't´mind to present her bush to her stepson. Thomas Haden Church, acting as daddy who thinks with the speed of a room plant, is quite hilarious. My favorite is Matthew McConaughey as Killer Joe.  His slow and controlled manner of speaking and pronouncing stresses his vicious presence.

"Killer Joe" is a little gemstone of a "black comedy" and fun for those who enjoy this genre.

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