Thursday, April 18, 2013

TV: Rectify, Sundance Channel

Imagine you would be released from prison after 19 years on Death row? How would you adapt to  outside life after such a long time? How would your family respond, or your neighbors? Those questions are part of "Rectify". This is a new TV series that starts on April 22 on Sundance Channel (sundancechannel). It tells the story of Daniel, who was sentenced for rape & murder after confessing, but got free because a late inspection of DNA samples didn´t match.

I had the chance to watch the first 2 episodes (plus a Q & A with 3 of the actors) at a preview at New York`s IFC theater. I was curious because  "Rectify" is produced by the makers of "Breaking Bad", which is my favorite TV show.

"Rectify" is way slower than "Breaking..", almost nothing happened in the first 2 hours. But the show kept my attention anyway because the storyline creates a lingering suspension. The character of Daniel, traumatized by his horrible past, creates a dark fascination. Also interesting to watch is how he learns to deal with the unfamiliar world around him and how family, cops, neighbors and other citizens of a small town in Georgia (Southern U.S.A.) respond to his strangeness, his history and his mysteries.

The producers collected an excellent cast: Australian actor Aden Young as Daniel plays this tortured soul convincingly. Abigail Spencer, Adelaide Clemens, Clayne Crawford and others as family, cops and neighbors also deliver impressive performances.

The story is set in a small town in lush Georgia which gives the show an appealing ambience.

"Recitify" is an enrichment of the current TV universe and will find a loyal audience.

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