Sunday, October 20, 2013

Traveling: An Evening Boat Tour On The Chicago River

(Drivebycuriosity) - Traveler, if you go to Chicago you might enjoy a boat tour on the Chicago River. This is a is a system of rivers and canals that runs through the center of Chicago (wikipedia).

Last Sunday, shortly after our arrival at Chicago`s O`Hare Airport, my wife and I boarded the "The Chicago River Architecture Tour" with Wendella (wendellaboats), one of the companies that offer tours on the river (there are some competitors with similar tours). The boat ride started at 6.30 pm, around sunset.

The boat travelled through the center of the city and glided slowly  between the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago. I enjoyed the views of the more and more artificially illuminated buildings, the bridges and the streets and enjoyed the nightly beauty of the river´s environment.

The tour guide informed his audience about the history of the buildings we could see on the tour and the past of Chicago in general (wendella). We learned about the economic development of the Midwest metropolis and the impact of the great fire that destroyed downtown in the year 1871. We also were informed about the influences of several architects who have been shaping Chicago over the decades. The lecture was spiced by his funny anecdotes and other jokes.

The entertaining and educating river tour is highly recommended. Maybe someday we will come back to Chicago and take another trip on the river.

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