Thursday, December 26, 2013

Movies: The Invisible Woman

(Drivebycuriosity) - Charles Dickens was one of the super star authors of the 19th century. The Briton is still one of the most read writers and many movies are based on his novels. The film "The Invisible Woman" focuses on the author himself and his extramarital love affair with a much younger woman (imdb).

The drama deals with a relationship which seemed scandalous in the puritanic Victorian era (England late 19th century) and focused on the pains this imposed on all involved. Hence the film has a somewhat masochistic attitude. The cinematography suited this in adequate pictures. I enjoyed especially shots from the tidelands and I indulged in the close ups of the face of Felicity Jones, who performed as Dicken`s love interest.

If you need a movie which is somewhat bitter and romantic to counter the deluge of Hollywood spectacles on the screens; "The Invisible Woman" could satisfy your taste.

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