Sunday, January 26, 2014

Movies: I, Frankenstein

(Drivebycuriosity) - In the year 1818 the English author Mary Shelley published her book "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus". The gothic novel was not just a horror story it also touched questions about science, technology (genetic engineering) and philosophy. The makers of the movie "I, Frankenstein" instead focused on a fantasy spectacle (imdb). There Frankenstein´s creature survives to the presence and got involved into a war between gargoyles, who want to protect humankind, and demons, who want to rule the world. Frankenstein isn´t a monster anymore, instead he is a suffering individual which has gained some diligence over the centuries. The film tanked at the box office, maybe it was wrongly tagged as a horror movie.

"Frankenstein" reminded me of the "Underworld" series by the same producers, which also described a war between fantasy creatures, but lacked the sex appeal. I missed especially Kate Beckinsale who´s  tight leather outfit was the greatest attraction of "Underworld".

"Frankenstein`s" cinematography wasn`t bad, even that the film looked like a low budget production. The rare 3D effects were a bit too frugal for my taste. According to Wikipedia the film was shot in Australia, even the outdoor impressions of a allegedly medieval cathedral, maybe to save a lot of money (wikipedia). But my wife and I had fun anyway, because we had expected just a simple entertainment - and that was what we got.

I enjoyed watching Bill Nighy, who also had important parts in the "Underworld" series. Again he displayed a mixture of coolness and goofiness. Aaron Eckhart, as Frankenstein´s creature, didn`t deliver an Oscar worth performance, but did a solid job as a suffering outsider. 

"I, Frankenstein" is a passable entertainment for those who like the genre and don`t have too high expectations.

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