Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movies: In Secret

(Drivebycuriosity) - Émile Zola was one of the most important authors of the 19th century. The movie "In Secret" is based on his first novel "Thérèse Raquin" (imdb). The film, set in France around the year 1860, tells the story of woman who was coerced to marry her sickly cousin which led to sinister consequences. It is a bleak tale about exploitation, dysfunctional family relations, guilt, grieve and bad conscience. The plot is a bit too fatalistic for my taste but it was written for a 19th century audience.

The superb cinematography compensates for the - a bit outdated - story. Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister illustrates the bleak tale in atmospheric pictures which transfer the audience mentally into a dark 19th century. The superb cast, especially Jessica Lange, is another asset of the movie. 

I liked watching "In Secret" and recommend it to friends of 19th century dramas, connoisseurs of cinematography and movie lovers in general.

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