Sunday, November 23, 2014

Contemporary Art: Variety Of Styles And Ideas - November 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you like contemporary art? Maybe with a free glass of wine in your hand? Then you might enjoy opening receptions at art galleries as I frequently do.


On Friday night I attended 5 receptions, which all happened in my neighborhood, New York´s trendy Lower East Side (LES). As usual I spotted a great variety of styles and ideas and there was so much to discover.


                                           Orbit Around An Alien World

Muriel Guépin Gallery on 83 Orchard Street celebrated the opening of a group exhibtion, called "Bright Matter" (through January 11, 2015 muriel ). They display works by" emerging artists who utilize innovative art practices and materials": LAb[au], Numen / For Use, Joanie Lemercier, Nonotak and François Wunschel.

I am especially fascinated by a sculpture called Numen / For Use, Light Membrane (Spy mirror (glass), CCF-lamps, inverters / harmonica, transmission wheels and belts, ply-wood, tubes 31.5" x 15.8" x 17"). (thecreatorsproject).

On the first glance I saw just a cube, but when I looked into it I got the impression to look into a very - almost infinite - deep funnel, maybe into a cosmic wormhole.

The other displayed works impressed me too. Above you also can see some works by Joanie Lemercier ( joanielemercier). According to the gallyery "a rice paper pattern is fixed to a monitor and rear-illuminated. As LCD light traces the triangle mesh, the mosaic comes alive and develops depth and motion. Soon the valleys and peaks of a rugged landscape emerge and, as if viewed through monochromatic, low- resolution camera eyes, we get to orbit an alien world".

Some steps south of this place the gallery McKenzie Fine Art (55 Orchard Street mckenziefineart) opened a show with drawings by James Nelson (through December 21, 2014). Here you can see 2 untitled works, both are charcoal, graphite, white conte crayon and nu-pastel on handmade Japanese paper (nelson2014).

                                                              Explosions Of Color

Not far away the Gasser Grunert Gallery (33 Orchard Street Gasser) celebrated the begin of the exhibition "Territorial Marking" by Andres Carranza (through December 21, 2014). I enjoyed the explosions of color on the different sized canvases.

Around the corner on 245 Broome Street, Munch Gallery (munch) shows "Revelations", a collection of photographies by Foster Mickley (through December 21, 2014).

I also visited a  reception in the basement below a real flower shop (Essex Flowers 365 Grand Street essex). They are showing "Stamps" by Matt Connolly (through January 4, 2015 connolly). I don´t remember the exhibited art work but there also was a cool crowd which seemed to have fun.

To be continued.

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