Friday, December 19, 2014

Culture: Beware Of The Fat Cops

(Drivebycuriosity) - Who are the fattest in the country? "Cops & fire fighters", says "The Wall Street Journal" (theweek). The paper published  statistics about obesity and professions in the US (supplied by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine). The results are disconcerting.

The group "police officers, firefighters and security guards" has the highest obesity rate of all professions in the US. With 40.7% overweight persons they are way over the average of US workers  (27.7%). How can overweight cops & fire fighters protect us? These jobs demand some fitness and  physical mobility.

Place 2 goes to the group "social workers, clergy & counselors " with 35.6%. This number is also disturbing. How can these people advise families and single persons when they are not able to control their own weight? It looks like that the tax money spend on them is wasted.

I am a bit surprised that the group  "cooks, waiters and food servers" has just 23.1% overweight members, significantly below average. This is against the cliche of well fed cooks. Maybe their knowledge slows their appetite?

"Artists, actors, athletes" have just 20.1%. This is no surprise. These people have to be slim and attractive and they do sports.

The group "economists, psychologists and other scientists" has the lowest obesity rate: Just 14.2 %, way below average. I think economists, psychologists and other scientists are trained to think rational and logical. Therefore they are able to chose their own weight which is a logical decision.

Choosing your own weight can is based on a simple equation: You burn a certain amount of calories per day (most people between 2,000 and 3,000). If you eat more calories you get a surplus and you will add weight. If you eat less calories than you burn then you will loose weight.

If there is indeed an inverse connection between rationality and body weight, then the top places for cops, fire fighters and social workers are even more disturbing.

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