Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New York City: The Night Some Snowflakes Shut Manhattan Down

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York never sleeps? Last night was an exception. The city got shut down, thanks to some snowflakes.

The media had advertised a blizzard of historical dimensions. According to the weather reports the storm Juno, which was approaching from southwest, should mingle with another depression over the Atlantic and would create a monster winter storm.

Yesterday Whole Foods and other groceries got very long lines because people were stocking up their food supplies before the announced mega-storm. New York´s Governor Cuomo had declared a State of Emergency. After 11 pm the subways stopped running and all non-emergency traffic got banned from city roads. Around midnight the usually busy streets of Manhattan were empty.

                                                                State Of Emergency

In the morning we found just around 5 just inches (10 cm) of snow, instead of the advertised 20 inches and more. Around 9am the subways resumed running. Apparently the weather report had given false alarm - as they often do.

Around 8am the city looked winterly and charming as it often does in winter. There was little traffic, but many pedestrian ways were already cleared. Many people were doing heavy exercise by shuffling the snow.

It is good to be prepared and to be on alert. But, the event was  another example for the general scare mongering and how media & authorities are blowing everything up to historical dimensions - Lol. It is remarkable that the alarm about the coming global warming catastrophe comes from the same people

Here´s a collection of pictures a took from the "historical storm" in Manhattan`s Lower East Side beginning yesterday 3pm until today 8.30 am.


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