Monday, March 30, 2015

Movies: Serena

(Drivebycuriosity) - I like operas. Their plots are usually ridiculous, but often the majestic music makes up for this. The movie "Serena" is like an opera, just without the great music. The script delivered a wild story, too wild and too unbelievable for my taste. "Serena" reminded me of some Austrian "Bergbauern Romane (German: "novels about mountain peasants") where the characters are doing bad things and get punished for that (this is a spoiler free blog). The movie is set in the Depression-era in the mountains of North Carolina, where an ambitious entreprenuer and his young wife are trying to build a timber empire which causes a chain of dramatic reactions.

I got some comfort from the exquisite cinematography, especially from the awsome pictures of the mountain landscape. And the gorgeous as usual Jennifer Lawrence almost saved the weak film. Watching her as a strong independent woman was a pleasure but even her role  got finally ruined by the ridiculous script. Even Bradley Cooper`s solid performance couldn`t help it. Other fine actors, like Toby Jones, as sherif and fighter for preserved nature, also wasted their talents.

"Serena" could be passable for fans of Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper, but connoisseurs of intelligent cinema would be dissapointed.

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