Saturday, April 4, 2015

Movies: Cut Bank

(Drivebycuriosity) - A couple watches a murder. This starts a chain of bloody & hilarious events. I won't tell more about the plot of the movie "Cut Bank" (this is a spoiler free blog), but you can expect there a lot of surprises and twists which make the film very enjoyable (imdb). The name refers to a remote and (usualy) sleepy place in the US where the film is set.

Director Matt Shakman  & script writer Roberto Patino did a fine job. They follow the tradition of bloody, dark and goofy comedies like "Fargo" and "11:14" (imdb). Strange characters are doing bad or stupid things which brings them into trouble. Violence and funny scenes are frequently trading places.

I enjoyed the great John Malkovich as an overstrained backwater sherif and Billy Bob Thornton as local businessman and would be father in law. Oliver Platt as postal inspector "from the capital city" also was fun to watch. But the star of the movie is Michael Stuhlbarg as the inscrutable "Derby Milton", a character which will stay in the memories of his audience for a while. Unfortunately the usually lovely Teresa Palmer got constrained by her role as an extremely naive bumbling countrie girl who is too much obsessed with her Yahoo boyfriend. As comfort above one of ther better portraits.

"Cut Bank" is one of the best black comedies of the recent years and highly recommend for connoisseurs of the genre.

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