Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Street Art: Marvels Of Barcelona - A Photo Collection

(Drivebycuriosity) - Street art is a global phenomena. It seems everywhere in the world there are plenty of artists who show their talents & imagination on the public walls. While my recent visit in Barcelona I found lots of interesting murals, graffiti and other incarnations of street art.


I discovered the weired murals above on a wall in the Eastern suburban part of the city. The wall seems to be the rest of a ruin and stands in a piece of wasteland which reminded of New York´s lost parts of the Bronx.

On my way from the hotel close to the subway station "Selva de Mar" towards the center of the city I found more walls with fancy murals.

I enjoyed the pop-art color composition of the image above.

Here some stencils which remind me of Renaissance paintings.

What a nice play with colors.

                                                             Large Variety Of Styles

Walking through the streets of Barcelona I spotted a large variety of styles.

Here is a more traditonal image.

                                                            Inspired By Greeks?

Barcelona has a huge collection of painted roller shutter doors. It seems they are often used as an additional way of advertising.

Above the door of an undergarments store.

Some of these artists seem to be inspired by ancient Greeks, others by American comics,

Even surrealistic art has its place on Barcelona`s shop doors.


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