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Contemporary Art: Best Of NADA Art Fair 2015

(Drivebycuriosity) - Last week New York City had a deluge of art events.  Sotheby´s, Christie´s & Phillips performed their big spring auctions and the metropolis hosted "Frieze New York", one of the largest global art fairs.

Last Saturday I visited "NADA New York 2015", an art fair which is is "dedicated to showcasing new art, and to celebrating the rising talents from around the globe" (newartdealers). According to "Art News" the organizers brought together 103 galleries from 36 cities throughout the world, and offered a varied selection of up-and-coming contemporary art talent (artnews).

I indulged into the diversity of the paintings, sculptures and video displays and enjoyed the often fresh and surprising ideas. Watching the crowd of spectators and art collectors also was a lot of fun.

This post displays a collection of my favorites, a very subjective "best-off" list.

                                               Replacement Ink For Epson Printers


Above this paragraph you see 2 girls in the booth of David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, USA (davidpetersen). The following pictures were taken @ the booth of bitsform gallery, New York (bitforms). They showed works by Sara Ludy & Siebren Versteeg.

I got the fascinating image above @ 1/9unosonove, Rome, Italy (unosunove).

I found the image above @ Bertold Pott, Cologne (Germany bertholdpott). They showed works by Max Frintrop & Manor Grunewald.

The images above are created by Phil Chang, they are called "Replacement Ink for Epson Printers (Black 446004) on Epson Premium Glossy Paper" &  "Replacement Ink for Epson Printers (Magenta and  Red) on Epson Premium Glossy Paper" (both 2014, unique archival pigment prints). The exhibitor is M+B, Los Angeles.

I got the pics above @ the booths of Regina Rex, New York (reginarex) & Cooper Cole, Toronto (coopercole).

Above works seen @ Chapter NY, New York (chapter); Clages, Cologne (Germany mariettaclages) who shows Anne Pöhlmann`s "Banner_Small-H-03" & "Banner_Small-H-04" (both: 2014, D-Tex) & Luce Gallery, Torino, Italy (luce).

                                            Cosmic Background Radiation?

Above a paintings trio (first pic) seen again @ David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, USA (david). Pic 2-4 are detail shots.

The pic above is called "Untitled (ZL291-149)" by Zane Lewis (2014, Acrylic Lacquer on Canvas with Aluminium Stretcher Frame) reminds me of the cosmic microwave background radiation caused by the Big Bang, found @ Spray Booth Booth (sic) where each artist used sprayed paint in their work, whether airbrush or spray can or other atomized paint;

followed by: Kasper Sonne`s , Bad 16 (2015, Volcanic ash exfoliator, water and UV protection on canvas in aluminium frame) (kaspersonne). Looks like "oil on canvas" is history.

Above photographic images created in a coal mine in Germany´s Ruhr Valley (Ruhrgebiet) by Miles Coolidge presented by ACME. Gallery, Los Angeles (acme).

Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin (schwarz) showed this wall-filling spider-like work by Monika Goetz. Really impressive.

                                           Door To Door Encyclopedia Salesman 

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York (nicelle) presented collages (?;

 Klowden Mann, Los Angeles (klowden) showed something which looked like knotted work.

The third images also is presented by Klowden Mann: Katie Herzog`s, Door to Door Encyclopedia Salesman (2011, acrylic and mica powder on canvas).

The first 2 pics are from Malborough Chelsea, New York (marlborough); No 3 in this collection is  again from Cooper Cole, Toronto (coopercole).

I found these paintings @ Half Gallery, New York (halfgallery)

                                                           Praise Famous Men?

The first 2 images are from Chapter NY, New York (chapter);
followed by Bill Brady Gallery, Miami & Kansas City (billbrady)
&   Sardine, Brooklyn (New York sardine )

The fruity image above is by Lisa Ruyter presented by Eleven Rivington, New York (eleven). If you like this, the art dealer anounces a show called: LISA RUYTER | LET US NOW PRAISE FAMOUS MEN | MAY 20 – JULY 3. Reception: Wednesday, May 20, 6-8 pm.

Above Thomas Lawson´s "Disputation" (2015, oil on canvas)
& Graham Anderson`s "untitled" (2014, oil on canvas) with detail shots.
 both presented by Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York (klausgallery)


                                                  Androids And AIs

Alison Veit`s "Harry"  and "Trish" ((both: 2015, Hydrocal and ink on canvas on panel) were both presented by Queer Thoughts Gallery  (queer).

The gallery Sorry We`re Closed, Brussels (Belgium  sorrywereclosed) presented some cool girls

Here a detail shot, maybe she is an android or another kind of artificial intelligence (AI).

                                                         Sex Sells

Elizabeth Jeager baptized her creation just "Zucchini" (2014, ceramic), presented - I believe - by Frederica Schiavo Gallery, Rome (Italy federicaschiavo.com/ )

Some artists - and galleries -seem to believe that sex sells. Above David Rappeneau`s "Untitled" (Acrylic, ballpoint pen, pencil, charcoal pencil on paper) again presented by gallery Queer Thoughts. Below that a painting presented - I believe - by Sardine, Brooklyn (New York sardine).

The painting above came from ltd los angeles, Los Angeles (ltdlosangeles)

The Jack Hanley Gallery, New York (jackhanley), presented the sculpture above

Betty Tompkins called her painting "Pussy Painting Grid" (2011-13, Acrylic on canvas, 16 X 16 each) presented by gallery Louis B. James, New York (louisbjames ).  Let the pictures speak for themselves.


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