Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lifestyle: A Painting Class @ Cooper Union, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Sometimes one should try something really new, to enter new territory and to gain new experiences. I see myself as a writer, therefore I write this blog. But my wife and I attended just a class in acrylic painting. Now I am kind of visual artist too, albeit still very amateurish.

The class @ Cooper Union, New York was really fun (wikipedia  cooper). It took place the recent 2 Saturdays, each from 10am to 4pm, together 12 hours. The fee of $ 265 per heads (plus costs for paint, canvases and other material) is a good investment. The class gave us an intense and joyful experience and it expanded our horizons considerably.

The instructor, Jeffrey  Tolbert (jeffreytolbert), who is a really good teacher,  gave us a lot of inspiration. Jeff likes expressionists and their power- and colorful style. We were told, that artists don`t copy the reality, instead they create a fiction - and that's what we tried.

On the first Saturday we did a still life, just 2 bottles, a vase and a carafe; Yesterday we got a model, a young and very beautiful girl from the Philippines. The model was posing for us in the nude. First we exercised to sketch her shapes with rough black brush strokes. Each pose lasted just 5 minutes, therefore we had to sketch very fast. A good experience.  Then we changed to a colorful impression of the posing model. You can see my humble results here, but I will work on my technique. I promise. And I really admire and appreciate the patience and cooperativeness of the young Filipina.

Thanks a lot to Jeffrey and the model.

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