Monday, October 5, 2015

Geopolitics: Are Democracies Capable Of Fighting ISIS?

(Drivebycuriosity) - Finally, someone takes responsility. Putin is fighting ISIS. Russian warplanes have attacked the Islamic State group in central and northern Syria with a wave of new airstrikes, reports AP (businessinsider). On Saturday warplanes flew 20 missions in Syria over the past day, hitting nine IS targets (express). An IS command post and a weapons storage bunker were destroyed in the area of Raqqa, the extremists' de facto capital.

This seems to be a serious setback for the fundamentalist islamic terror group on their way to conquer the world, but Putin´s bombs on ISIS don`t get much applause. Quite contrary, Western politicians and media (most of them) cry foul. The "West" accuses Putin that his attacks don`t target ISIS, they claim that he rather tries to expand his influence on the Middle East.

But it is a fact the ISIS rose in the recent years, because the "West" let them do it. The terrorists conquered large areas because the "West" let them do that. Now ISIS controls regions, which they call islamic states or khilafat, where the terrorist are skimming oil money and collect taxes to finance their war because the West let them do it.

It is irritating that the "West" didn´t`t stop ISIS even that America has a superior technology. The US has satellites which register any small movements on the grounds and they have drones and other high tech weapons which easily could attack ISIS tanks and camps. If Putin can destroy ISIS command centers the US could do that as well. So, why don`t they?

It seems that democracies have problems to deal with terror organizations like ISIS.  Democracies have to follow rules and to respect laws & international agreements. ISIS doesn´t. The "West" has to care about humanity. ISIS doesn´t. The West has to be cautious in order not to offend the Islamist  neighbors. ISIS doesn`t care. Western politicians have to deal with a public - and media - which are tired of all the foreign wars in Vietnam, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on. And they have to live with "whistleblowers" like Edward Snowden who are happy to feed the enemies with all secret plans.

Western politicians and bureaucrats (Pentagon) are thinking about their own careers and the next election. Why should they take personal risks? Who takes the responsibility when something goes awry - like bombing a hospital? And democratic systems and bureaucracies are slow and ponderous.

Plutocrat Putin doesn´t need to care about the next election or his career. He doesn´t need to synchronize his plans and to find compromises. He doesn´t have to deal with the Congress (parlament) and he can ignore the media. I believe that Putin loathes - and maybe even fears - Islamic terror organizations, because they are already bombing Moscow (even by a different section).

Maybe the "West" should be grateful to Putin that he does what "Western" democracies are not capable of - stopping a terrorist organization who wants to conquer the world.

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