Friday, October 7, 2016

Cinema: Autumn Movies To Look Forward To

(Drivebycuriosity) - The movie year 2016 has been mediocre so far. But it looks like that the Fall season could change that. There are at least 3 movies which I am looking forward to. This week starts "The Girl on the Train" based on a dark mystery novel & psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins. I have read the book with pleasure and enjoyed very much the twisted story and the characters (here my spoiler free  review).  Emily Blunt in the leading role is another reason to look forward to this film.

I have even more expectation for the "Handmaiden" which will start on October 21. Korean director Chan-Wok Park translated a novel by the British author Sarah Waters into a Korean environment with a Korean cast. I have read 2 books by Waters and liked them because of their intensity and their psychological depths  (here my reviews Affinity  Paying Guests ) I am also a fan of the Korean movie maker who already had delivered at least 2 cinematic masterpieces: "Old Boy" & "Stoker (my review Stoker ). In my opinion belongs Park to a league of visual masters like Kubrick, Lars von Trier & Paul Thomas Anderson.

I can`t wait to see "Arrival" which is scheduled for November. The film is again based on a story by Ted Chiang which I loved to read: "The Story of your Life". The American/Chinese writer is my favorite science fiction author because he translates pure science into plausible but nevertheless entertaining fiction. In"Story of Your Life" - which won the 2000 Nebula Award for Best Novella as well as the 1999 Sturgeon -  suddenly aliens arrive on the earth. The military is unsure if the visit is friendly or not and doesn`t know how to deal with the extraterrestrial. They recruit a female scientist, a professor for linguistics(!), who gets the order to decipher the alien´s language in order to communicate with the visitor and & to find out what they intend. I am really curious how director Denis Villeneuve transformed this story into a big Hollywood movie. I am also looking forward to see the awesome Amy Adams again whom I had enjoyed in "The Master", "American Hustle" and other movies.

And there are more movies I am curious to see, for instance the "The Accountant" (start October 14 imdb).  The story line looks inspiring and the film has Ben Affleck in a leading role, who usually shows a good taste in choosing his roles. The movie "Nocturnal Animals" (November) also could be interesting and I am waiting for  "Elle" (November) with the French cinema icon Isabelle Hubert in the leading role. Director Paul Verhoeven has a very eclectic oeuvre, mixing erotica with science fiction action:"Turkish Delight", "Total Recall", "Robocop" "Basic Instinct". An interesting team!


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