Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Contemporary Art: Berlin Expressionism By Wolfgang Leber

(Drivebycuriosity) - The world of art is full of surprises. During a recent visit in Berlin I discovered the work of Wolfgang Leber. The Berlin artist was unknown to me. I was impressed by the exhibition at the Märkische Museum, part of the Stadtmuseum Berlin  (through October 3 stadtmuseum)

 The exhibition shows work created over 50 years. The artist, born 1936 in Berlin, has his roots in the eastern, formerly communist part of the metropolis and got inspired by his forays over the once divided city.

I indulged in Leber`s elegant figurative & abstract compositions which reminded me of the expressionist works by the Bay Area Figurative Movement  (driveby). I display here my favorites from this show - a very subjective selection as usual. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

On the top of this post you can see "Passanten/Passers-By" (1980, oil) followed by "Restaurant Eingang/Restaurant Entrance" (1975, oil). Above the next paragraph are: "Figurengruppe mit Akt/Group of figures with Nude" (1977, acrylic); "Akt und schreitende Figur/Nude and walking Figure" (1979, acrylic); "Figur hinter einem Fenster/Figure behind a Window" (1978, oil) & "Figur im Türraum/Figure on the Threshold" (1975, oil).

Above: "Ruhende Figur/Resting Figure" (1982, oil); #Interieur mit schreitender Figur/Interior with walking Figure" (1979, acrylic) & "Im Restaurant/In the Restaurant" (1977, oil).

                                                     Scaffold For Words

I don`t remember the name of the first painting above this paragraph, but it is followed by "Gerüst for Worte/Scaffold for Words" (2010, oil). The next painting is called "Die Traufe/The Eaves" (2010, oil)


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