Thursday, October 27, 2016

Culture: A Visit @ Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg

(Drivebycuriosity) - If you are an art lover and you are in or near Hamburg you should visit the Hamburger Kunsthalle (kunsthalle).  The amazing place @ the Binnenalster spreads over 2 buildings and shows an impressing variety from old masters to contemporary art & avant-garde. I show here my favorites, a very subjective selection as usual.

Spotting the other visitors is (almost) as fascinating as observing the art works.

Above you can see "Veduta Ideale with Palace Staircase" by Bernado Bellotto, known as Canaletto (17,62, oil on canvas).

 Above "Flora" by Jan Massys (1559, oil on canvas) followed by "Young Lady with a Mirror and a Maid" by Paris Bordone (ca. 1535-40, oil on canvas). What`s going on here?


                                                             German Romanticism

Above an icon of the German Romanticism: Caspar David Friedrich`s "Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer/Hiker above the Sea of Fog" (around 1817, oil on canvas).

Above a view into the collection of Salonmalerei, paintings which hit the taste button of Paris` elite: "The Vintage Festival" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1871, oil on canvas) followed by "The Prayer" by Jean-Léon Gérome (1865, oil on mahagany panel) & "Phryne before the Aeropagus", also by Jean-Léon Gérome (1865, oil on canvas).

Above you can see that Edward Munch created more than just patterns for Halloween masks: "Madonna" (1893-95, oil on canvas) & "Girls on the Peer" (1901, oil on canvas).

The museum also has some interesting caricatural paintings & Expressionists : "John, the Woman Slayer" by George Grosz (1918, oil on canvas) followed by Max Beckman`s "Odysseus & Calypso" (1943) & "Sintflut/The Flood" (1908, both oil on canvas).

Above "Freundinnen/Friends" by Karl Hofer (1923/24, oil on canvas) & Lyonel Feininger`s "Mouth of the Rega III2 (1929/30, oil on canvas).

Above a view onto the contemporary art collection: "As for the Open" by Sam Francis (1962/63, oil on canvas).

The museum has much, much more to offer of course, highly recommended.


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