Thursday, March 16, 2017

Culture: Deafheaven @ Warsaw, Brooklyn 2017

(Drivebycuriosity) - Yesterday I observed the quintessence of rock music again. My wife and I attended a gig by Deafheaven @ Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York. This was already our 8th gig by the Californian black metal band  (including 2 rock festivals in Chicago). We saw them first 2011 @ Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan.

George Clarke, the front man of the band, is spectacular. He enjoys orchestrating the masses and almost creates a symbiotic relationship with his audience, amplified by frequent stage dives. Over the whole concert he was communicating with fluid gestures & dancing like a shamanic conductor to  intensify the impression of his performance. Clarke`s voice is unique. His high pitched hissing screams are the defining element of the "Deafheaven experience".

This time Clarke and his band (lead guitarist and founding member Kerry McCoy, guitarist Shiv Mehra,  bassist Stephen Clark & drummer Daniel Tracy  deafheaven) played pieces from all albums: "Roads to Judah", "Sunbather" & "New Bermuda", showing their evolution. Once again the group created tsunami waves of sound on which Clarke´s voice could surf. The result was an unique melange of grace and sheer power.

Thanks a lot to Deafheaven for this marvelous experience. I hope your sun won´t burn out any time soon.

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