Thursday, April 20, 2017

Contemporary Art: All Art + @ Van Der Plas Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York`s Lower East Side seems to develop into an infamous party district. But the LES is also a place of culture. You can find there more than 100 art galleries, even though  some of them have closed recently. Yesterday I peeked into an reception @ Van der Plaas Gallery (156 Orchard Street vanderplasgallery ). They opened an exhibition, called "All Art +". The group show contains the works by more than 30 artists and represents a variety of styles, techniques & ideas. I display here my favorites from the show, a very subjective selection as usual.

Above this paragraph you can see "Inquiet" by David Mellen (Oil on linen 52 x 73 in 132 cm x 185 cm). This work belongs to a small group of paintings with the same title. The artist (here his website  dsmstudio) explained: "This title was chosen because the contrast between the French reading of “ inquiet “(anxious, restless, agitated) and the opposite English reading of “in quiet” (silence, still). I wanted paintings which contained both anxiousness and a sense of calm". I have seen Mellen`s works first in 2014 @ Bosi Contemporary, also on Orchard Street, which is now closed (here my post about Mellen`s solo exhibition "The Loss of So Many driveby ).

Above "The Gift" by Jarred Oppenheim & Alannah Farrell (2016-2017, Oil on Linen).

Above a Painting by Hakob Hakobyan.

Above James Vogler`s "Cafe du Verde" (2016, oil on canvas) followed by Kyoko Miyabe`s "Bird Bone Series I" (2015, Acrylic on Canvas). Sorry, I don´t know who created the third image.


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