Monday, May 15, 2017

Traveling: The Beauty Of Sevilla

(Drivebycuriosity) - My wife and I are still traveling in Spain. After Toledo & Madrid we went to Sevilla (the Americans spell it Seville). The capital of Andalusia in the South of Spain has about 700,000 residents and is almost as large as San Francisco. Btw the city is on the same parallel as the Californian city. It is a pleasant and beautiful place.

We got charmed by Sevilla`s streets, places & the life there.

Sevilla has a traditional center, shaped by history, over the early centuries by the Arab (muslim) rulers and later the catholic medieval kings.

                                                                Purple Festival

The streets are filled with Jacaranda trees who`s blossoms turned the city into a purple festival.

Typical for medieval citie the center is a labyrinth with very narrow streets.

We indulged into the fanciful architecture.

and the street cafes

and the hustle & bustle

I found a lot amazing images for my camera (iPhone 7plus).

                                                    Glorious History

The ubiquitous monuments are witness of a glorious history.

There is also a majestic cathedral of course. The people there might be very catholic, but the young ladies don´t mind to use their phones in the churches.

We also could see some modern constructions........

and some street art.

and sometimes is rained of course - flooding as you can see.

Being in Sevilla was really fun!

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