Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Photography: The Faces Of Manhattan

(Drivebycuriosity) - Manhattan has thousands of faces. It`s a paradise for amateur photographers like me because the are ubiquitous motifs. Naturally there is not enough space to display all of them here. In this post I show recent favorite Manhattan pics, all shot in the last 30 days.

Above you can see Jeff Koon`s "Seasted Ballerina" @ Rockefeller Center. 

On Washington Square I spotted this exercise class.

People are crossing the Brooklyn Bridge or watching Cruise Ships on Hudson River. There are jogging along the East River or having a photo session there.

Some kids are flying their kites (also along East River).

There is hustle & bustle in Midtown, Chinatown & on East Houston Street.

Manhattan has a lot of pretty sceneries.

                                                     Witches On Ludlow

and I indulge into the diversity of Manhattan`s architecture.

Even the plenty construction sites are fine motifs.

Are there witches conspiring on Ludlow Street?


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