Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Culture: A Visit @ Museo Nazionale Della Ceramica, Naples, Italy

(Drivebycuriosity) - During our stay in Naples (Napoli) my wife and I lodged in Vomero, a lovely neighborhood on the top of a mountain. The district has an interesting museum located in a beautiful villa surrounded by a lovely park: The Museo Nazionale della Ceramica (polomusealecampania). I show here some images from out visit last Friday.

As the names says we could see there a lot ceramics, many from the Renaissance and the Baroque, but also some paintings. I display here my favorites from the exhibition, a very subjective selection as usual.

I really love this clock.

Aren`t these beautiful?

The paintings are appealing as well.

More beauties

These images are a bit kitchy, but I like them anyway.

A wonderful imaginary landscape

                                                       The Glory Of Females

Adoring the glory of females.

A ridiculous man, but funny.

 A collection of canes, also known as walking sticks.

Some Asian art works.

A glance onto the beautiful garden.

And a view onto Naples and the Gulf of Naples from the park.

To be continued

Contemporary Art: A Visit @ La Mostra - Napoli`s Museum Of Madness

(Drivebycuriosity) - Naples (Napoli) has some interesting museums. Last Thursday we visited the La Mostra - Museo dela Folia: The Museum  Of Madness (museodellafollia). I chose a selection of disturbing images - enjoy.

Above some paintings by Acostino Arrivabene.


Above two different versions of Mona Lisa and her admirers. Are women pigs as well? The paintings are called: "Gioconda modella inquietante/Disturbin Gioconda Model" by Lorenzo Alessandri.

Above "The extraction of the stone of Madness" by Giovanni Gasparro.

Above "Figura smarrita/Last figure" by Alessandro Papetti.

More disturbing images.

Above: "Sunt lacrime rerum (le pazze/crazy women)" by Natale Attansio.

An interesting family scene. Let the image speak for itself.

"The Adolescent" by Silvestro Lega. I don`t know why he appears in this exhibiton, but they are advertising with his portrait all over the city. surely the least disturbing.

To be continued.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Contemporary Art: A Visit @ Madre - Napoli`s Museum Of Modern Art

(Drivebycuriosity) - I enjoy contemporary art. Therefore I visit as many museums with contemporary art as possible. On Thursday my wife and I wen to Madre, Napoli´s Museum of Modern Art where we found a impressive selection (madrenapoli).

Fortunately the place was less crowded than Pompei, no school classes there, so we could inspect the displayed works without problems. I show here my favorites from the exhibition, a very subjective selection as usual.

The museum presents a temporay exhibition related to Pompei and ancient Rome.

Above some works displaying the Vesuv, the vulcano who destroyed Pompei about 2000 years ago.

Above some art work related to the fluxus movement in the middle of the 20th century

Above an image from a wall filling mural and a detail of it

Above "Self-portrait in six pieces"  by Urs L├╝thi.

Above "Elizabeth of Austria" by Anselm Kiefer.

Above "Imprevisto/Unexpected" by Renato Barisani.

I don´t know the creators of these images, but I like them anyway.

Above Joseph Beuys by Andy Warhol.

Above some sculptures by Richard Serra.

To be continued