Friday, February 11, 2011

Cinema: "The Rite"

Does the devil exist? Satan doesn't fit in a modern scientific world view, but many religions still need an antipode to "God". Anyway. Lucifer can be entertaining. Hollywood likes him a lot as the long list of movies with the subjects "Devil", "Exorcism" and "Demons" show. Some of them were big hits.

 "The Rite", the newest incarnation of this genre, is now running in US cinemas. Its about 2 priests practicing exorcism in Italy. The film is not as good as the "The Exorcist". It´s not a masterpiece but would please friends of the demon genre. They get the always strong Anthony Hopkins, nice shots from Rome and a lot of cats. The film isn´t about special effects, instead it tries to build up a sinister atmosphere. The result is just "so-so", but on a chilly winter night there are worse places to go.

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