Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kindle: Making the Girlfriend Happy

It`s always nice to make my girlfriend happy. And sometimes it`s easy. I found a effortless way to please her. Last Thanksgiving, she got a Kindle. And now she is even happier.

She likes to use the Amazon E-Book-Reader in bed (when I am not there, of course). The device doesn`t weight much, less than a book with hundreds of pages. And the Kindle cover is illuminated, which allows her to read in the dark.

She also enjoys reading the Kindle on the subway.  A trip in that Manhattan network can take a long time. With a Kindle she can take a whole library with her. Who wants to carry the New York Public Library in a crowded subway train?

On Kindle she finds also a lot of books for free. Now she is reading F. Scott Fitzgerald´s novel "The Beautiful and Damned", which didn`t cost her a cent. This makes me happy too, although I am far away.

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