Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movies: Kill The Irishman

The Irish are nice people. They like to party and you become fast friend with them. But don`t mess with the Irish! The history of the IRA, one of the deadliest terrorist organizations of the world, proves that they can fight adamantly if they see their rights threatened.

You will find both sides of the Irish soul in the movie "Kill The Irishman". The flick is based on a real story about the career of Danny Greene, an Irish-American longshoreman who rose to become a 1970s crime boss in Cleveland.

Greene (Ray Stevenson) is both, nice, literate & friendly, but he is also violent & brutal, when he wants to defend himself and his plans. The flick displays his tough fights against the Mafia, with a lot of explosions, but it takes also time to describe the complex character of its hero.

I had also much fun watching the rest of the cast, talented actors like Val Kilmer, Vincent D'Onofrio and especially Christopher Walken. In sum: An entertaining and intelligent gangster movie.

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