Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Orleans: Hot Days, Hot Nights

New Orleans is a magnet for tourists, especially in spring time. And every touristy place also has a lush nightlife. The very young like to party on Bourbon Street, a long line of bars, pubs & restaurants in the French Quarter. There you can see many juveniles drinking on the streets, some of them seem to have had a lot of booze.

The more ambitious find their pleasure on Decatur Street (also in the French Quarter), especially at the east end of the touristy road. Many clubs offer bands playing Jazz, Blues & Rock`n` Roll. If you go further east you come to Frenchman Street. The beginning reminds me of Manhattan`s Bowery, a center of local punk and goth subculture. There you will find an agglomeration of pubs with nightly gigs. People who like to gamble will also find a casino (Harrah`s) in the center of the city (Girrod Street).

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