Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movies: Hanna

Don´t believe the first impression! Especially when you have to deal with Hanna. At first sight she is a real cutie, an innocent and fragile girl who reminds to the Madonnas and angels painted by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, the Italian Renaissance painter). But beware! Hanna is also a human killing machine, trained to terminate her foes very fast and efficiently.

This is the idea of the fascinating new film "Hanna" (directed by Joe Wright known from "Atonement" or "Pride & Prejudice). Of course, the idea of a human being educated as a dangerous weapon isn´t new and sometimes the plot harkens to the "Bourne Trilogy". But the flick goes its own ways.

It`s fascinating watching fragile looking Hanna (played by the 16 year old talent Saorise Ronan) deals with her plentiful opponents. She is elegant and smart. But "Hanna" is not just another slick action thriller. It is also a cultish art movie with funny and surrealistic moments. This mixture makes the flick a real pleasure. The icing of the cake is the lusty score from the Chemical Brothers. Enjoy!

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