Sunday, July 24, 2011

Economy: Steve Jobs For President?

Oh, what a mess. The U.S is almost bust, the media tell us. Their debt is almost unbearable, they claim. Maybe the Americans should take a look at Apple. Last week the Californians reported a quarterly profit of $4,3 billion (revenue 29 billion). The company doesn´t have any debts, instead Apple has now a cash reserve of $76 billion.

The reason: CEO Steve Jobs and his team are very creative, innovative & productive. They reinvented the company and transformed Apple from a minor computer builder to a leading consumer technology company. Steve Jobs & Co. develop continuous new blockbusters, like iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iWhatever.

The Apple people are extremely successful because they are competitive. They produce what the people want. Maybe the Americans can learn from them? Maybe the Americans should elect Steve Jobs for president? ;-)

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