Saturday, July 9, 2011

Restaurants: Tamarind, Manhattan

Do you like it hot? Do you enjoy food with versatile flavors? Then Indian cuisine my be right for you. Indian chefs do not act cowardly when they use spices. But beware, many restaurants serve very rich food.  Cheaper places in particular, use a lot of fat. India is still a country where the majority of the population is very poor. Therefore being overweight is a sign of wealth there, a status symbol.

Hence it pays to spend some bucks more to discover the delights of well made Indian cuisine without endangering the shape. One of the finest Indian places in New York is the "Tamarind". They have 2 places in Manhattan, one in the East Village, the other in trendy Tribeca.
Tamarind - Tribeca NYC

The other night my girlfriend and I visited their Tribeca restaurant  (99 Hudson Street) which has 2 levels. As starters we shared the Bataki Kosha (Duck with mustard, onion, garlic, ginger and garam masala, hand rolled in a rice crepe with black salt and tangerine chutney) and the Kashmiri Tikki (Beetroot patties with ricotta cheese, apricot and fennel).

Then we indulged in seafood: Fish Amot Tik (seasonal fish, which was cotfish, rubbed with garam masala in a mango, red-chili and kokum sauce  - very hot) and Tawa Machli (filet of halibut rubbed with black pepper, coarse grain mustard, dry red chilies, cumin seeds and lemon juice, pan-seared and served with browned cipollini onions and tomato).

Appetizers and entrees were an indulgent experience but the deserts didn´t quite hit our then raised expectations. Nobody is perfect. Anyway, dining at Tamarind was a pleasant experience.

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