Saturday, October 1, 2011

Culture: East River Concert, New York

New York City is an expensive place, but you will be surprised how many things you can get there without paying. Among the free offers are the countless open air rock concerts in summer. Yesterday I enjoyed a rock event at East River Park Amphitheater. The place is close to the water front on FDR Drive & Delancey Street in the trendy Lower East Side.

The event was organized by Bodyface, a New Yorker alternative band (whatisbodyface). I had a narrow schedule this afternoon and was just one hour there, arriving around 3 pm.

Then I enjoyed the performance of "The Karen Curious Band" a lot (facebook). Karen and her band, 2 guitar players and a drummer, served a strong grunge. The gig fit well at this place in the style of old greek amphitheaters.

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