Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movies: The Thing

I want to say it frankly: I was disappointed by the movie "The Thing" by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr (imdb.com). The film tells the story of a hostile alien which occupies a research station on Antarctica. It is a sequel to the flick "The Thing" by John Carpenter (1982 imdb.com), which was based on the science fiction novella  "Who Goes There?"  by John W. Campbell, Jr.  (first published 1938).

The novella and Carpenter´s movie were thrilling. Both took time for building up the tension and described the paranoid & claustrophobic situation which developed at the research station after it had been infected by the alien. I also enjoyed the special effects in Carpener`s movie, which where sometimes very funny. The new movie instead didn´t bother to build up the tension and jumped quickly into the gory effects. The new story was very simple told and the special effects lacked the funniness I admired in Carpenter`s movies.  I guess there a better things to do than watching "The Thing (2011)".

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