Sunday, December 11, 2011

Movies: The Rum Diary

Journalists lead a life full of alcohol, adventures & affairs, according to a common cliché`. It seems, the late American journalist Hunter S. Thompson had enjoyed such a life, at least when he was young. The movie "The Rum Diary" (, based on his homonymous autobiographic novel, lets us share Thomson´s experiences while he was working for a newspaper in Puerto Rico in the 60s.

The film displays the boozed & stoned spirit of the writer`s alleged tropical adventures and looks partly like an hallucinatory trip. Bruce Robinson, the director of the flick, had a bottle of alcohol a day while writing the script, explains Wikipedia (wikipedia); the screwyness of the movie also reflects the high temperatures (above 100 Fahrenheit) and the extreme humidity on the set.

I reckon Johnny Depp is perfectly cast as the young, boozed and curious Thompson (named Paul Kemp in the film). Depp`s face acts as a screen for the surprises, misbeliefs and disgusts the writer experienced on his exotic travails. Giovanni Ribisi, who acts as the perma-drunk and stoned workmate, fits well into this intoxicated climate. The alluring Amber Heard, who plays Kemp/Thompson`s object of desire, legitimates her casting as well. She seems to be more disturbing and addictive than all the rum and drugs together. I had fun with Thompson`s exotic & boozed adventures and left the cinema without any hangover.

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