Sunday, January 22, 2012

Globalization: What We Could Learn From Intel

Intel did it again. The Q4-numbers of the technology bellwether beat the expectations of the analysts as they did in many quarters before (blogs.barrons) (marketwatch).

The chip goliath benefited from the growth in emerging markets. During the earnings call with the analysts (you can find the transcript here seekingalpha) Intel CEO Paul S. Otellini explained (seekingalpha): "Emerging markets now account for 2 out of every 3 incremental units of PC demand, a shift that's rewarding Intel and the PC companies that have a long-standing, deep presence in these markets".

Otellini declared further:" Looking back at the last 12 months of reported data, emerging markets like India and Indonesia grew 22% and 37%, respectively. China, now the largest PC market in the world, represents 20% of all PC demand, and grew a remarkable 15%".

The Intel CEO believes that the rapid growth will continue to drive his business in the coming years: "China has a household penetration rate of just 35%, versus almost 90% in the U.S. China is the world's largest market for mobile phones with more than 950 million subscribers. It's also at the forefront of the smartphone boom and will be the home of the world's first 32-nanometer smartphone".

These quotes show that emerging markets fuel the growth of the global economy, especially of the technology sector. I believe that this growth will continue many years because of the adaption process in many regions of the globe. The people in China, India and plenty of other countries want to adapt to Western standards of living as fast as possible.

The adaption process gets boosted by Moore´s law (wikipedia), which describes the long term trend of rapidly falling prices for technology because of the rapid technological progress. Therefore more and more companies & consumers in the emerging markets can afford to buy computers, tablets, smartphones and other internet connected devices for expanding their business or improving their leisure time activities.

Disclosure: I don`t have any positions in Intel stocks.

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