Friday, January 13, 2012

Movies: Iron Lady

What a mess! Europe could badly need a very charismatic person to bail it out. It is interesting timing that recently started the movie "The Iron Lady" in some cinema theaters. It`s a biopic about Maggie Thatcher who changed history and revitalized the UK, at least for some decades.

The film, directed by Phyllida Lloyd (imdb), isn`t a political manifest, nor does it care much about the economic aspects of the Thatcher revolution. Instead Lloyd and her script writer Abi Morgan ("Shame") painted a very emotional picture. As usual the story is told in flashbacks. It`s about winning power and loosing it. The flick shows both, the pain and deprivation of the old age and the short intoxication of gaining power and influence.

The center of the movie is - of course - Meryl Streep. It´s really impressive how this American actor incarnates the very English politician. The Hollywood icon plays both characters perfectly, the elderly person who is loosing her grip on reality, and the very optimistic courageous woman who is fighting everyone for her ambitious convictions by using charm and a lot of wit. By the way: "Iron Lady" is shot in a pleasant tone with a bit of patina and more entertaining than I expected.

Well done, Mrs. Streep, Mrs. Lloyd and crew!

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