Friday, February 17, 2012

Economy: U.S. Infrastructure - What A Mess!

The U.S. is home to Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other cutting edge companies. But the U.S. also has an infrastructure which could belong to a Third World country.  Bridges, streets, sewers electrical grids and many other system are often very old and rotten.

You can observe this especially in New York. The city is old and her population suffers often under breakdowns of the ancient infrastructure. When you walk the streets of Manhattan you can spot a lot of construction work any day.

This week the problem surfaced again massively. At the intersection of Bowery and Delancy Street, two arteries in south Manhattan, a water main broke and set the streets under water. The water pipe was already 106 years old reported the blog Bowery Boogie (

I used the occasion to document the mess and the work to repair the damage.

In the coming years New York City and the whole U.S. will have to spend many $ billions to renew the aging infrastructure. This also creates huge perspectives for companies in the infrastructure industry for instance Caterpillar (construction machines or Fluor (engineering

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