Saturday, February 18, 2012

Movies: Miss Bala

Life is dangerous. Especially in Mexico, a country almost devastated by a messy war about drugs. The movie "Miss Bala" (directed and written by
Gerardo Naranjo imdb) gives an impression of how the Mexican population suffers under the extremely bloody battles between the ruthless gangs and similarly aggressive law enforcement. The Flick narrates the story of a girl, who gets between these fronts while she is trying to win a beauty contest. She becomes the property of a drug lord, who uses her just as tool for his strategies.

The plot isn`t for the faint hearted, it´s a tale about brutally, violence and totally disregard of human life. The flick looks almost like a documentary. Don´t expect the usual superb cinematography! The pictures are raw and sometimes overexposed, maybe a result of a very tight budget. Maybe there is no drug money invested there. "Miss Bala" is certainly not an advisement to visit Mexico any time soon.

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