Sunday, April 22, 2012

Travelling: Fairy Tale Land In Cowboy Country - Zion Park, Utah

Traveling is full of surprises. 10 days ago my girlfriend and I flew from New York to Las Vegas, to start a 10 day car trip through Nevada, Southern Utah and Arizona. While planning this vacation in the U.S. south west we were kind of hoping for warm and dry weather, but the trip began very differently.

Las Vegas - a city built in a subtropical desert - greeted us with temperatures in the 50s F (around 12 Celsius) and drizzling rain. While driving northeast into the mountain area of Utah the weather got worse.

We spent April 14th in Zion Park in Utah. This Canyon is usually a desert area. But we experienced chilly rain and later snow, which made hiking on the rocky paths slippery and a bit unpleasant. But we got compensated a lot for that.

The park was partly covered by snow which gave rocks and trees a very special look. The bad weather kept many visitors away and we could hike almost alone in a fairy tale country.

We are looking forward to returning to this charming place.

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