Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Culture: Deep Sea Green/Knall/Frankensteins Ballet at Blue Shell, Köln (Cologne)

Visiting a rock concert with a variety of unknown groups is a bag full of surprises. Last Saturday I enjoyed a concert evening at the "Blue Shell" in Köln (Cologne, Germany This is a tiny rock venue in the center of the city which reminds me a bit of the "Mercury Lounge" and similar venues in Manhattan.

At that evening they had 3 bands whose style is strongly influenced by the psychedelic sound of the late 60s (wikipedia). These groups played experimental rock with some heavy metal influences and used a lot of electronic sound effects.

The evening started with "Frankensteins Ballet" (no Saxon genitive). This is a local band ( who cultivates the tradition of Krautrock, a term used for avant-garde German bands from the 60s and 70s like Amon Düül II or Guru Guru (wikipedia). During their whole concert the vocalist was squating on the ground making bizarre but rythmic noises. His voice, together with guitar, flute, keyboard and percussion - played by his colleagues -, produced a hallucinatory atmosphere which bundled into a drifty and powerful sound.

They were followed by "Knall" ("Bang" in German), who also is a local band ( They amplified this power, thanks to the strong Riffs served by the 2 guitars and their percussionist. The 4th member of the quarter contributed with a device like an iPad which he used as a kind of keyboard.

The last group of the evening, the main act, was "Deep Sea Green" from London  ( They gave their final Gig on their recent European tourney. DSG are 4 young musicians who performed a kind of stoner rock (wikipedia), meaning a powerful and groovy mixture of blues with heavy metal and psychedelic elements.

The 3 groups fitted perfectly together and combined to a surprisingly strong concert evening, a bliss. Thank you "Blue Shell" and thank you Deep Sea Green, Knall & Frankensteins Ballet. I hope to see these bands again - in whatever combination.

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