Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Movies: Mirror, Mirror

It seems that Brothers Grimm`s fairy tales are an inexhaustible source for Hollywood movies. Maybe the most popular of them is "Snow White", famously visualized in the classic Disney movie. The newest cinema reincarnation is "Mirror Mirror", directed by Tarsem Singh (

I had much fun to watch Julia Roberts as the "Evil Queen". She blends her malicious behavior with a lot of charm and arrogance. Lily Collins, as Snow White, is really an eye candy and a worthy counterpart to the witchy queen. Armie Hammer, famous for giving face to the Winklevoss Brothers in "Social Network", plays the visiting prince and fits well to this kind of  ménage à troise.

The plot had a lot of changes from the original (no spoilers) which made the flick more entertaining and certainly more surprising. "Mirror Mirror" is a lightweight entertainment for an easy afternoon.

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