Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Culture: 4 Knots Music Festival, New York City

New York City is a very expensive place. But many things are for free, for instance some rock concerts. Last Saturday my girlfriend and I attended the "4Knots Music Festival" (villagevoice.com/4knots). This is a free of charge event at Manhattan´s touristy South Street Seaport. The annual concert, which is hosted by the Village Voice, a print and online magazine about New York´s culture & nightlife, replacing since last year, the Siren Festival which had taken place on Coney Island inside a leisure park on one of New York´s beaches.

Surprisingly the festival wasn`t as crowded as similar European events are. It was very easy for us to worm our way close to the stage. The audience was very relaxed and many spectators were casually dressed and didn´t look like the usual rock concerts buffs.

My favorite band was the "Crocodiles" from San Diego (myspace). Their gig was around 40 minutes delayed because of a fire on the nearby Seaport pier which was handled by the fire department with a lot of trucks and even a fire boat. We were highly rewarded for the wait. The five Californian (3 male guitar players plus 2 girls on keyboards & percussion) served a powerful rock with influences from grunge & punk. Highly enjoyable!

That night we attended the After Party show which cost just $15 bucks per head. The night time view of Manhattan  and of the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridge almost was worth the fee. They had 2 bands which didn`t play the expected party and disco music and delivered instead hot rock music.  "Kid Congo Powers and The Pink Monkey Birds", a band from Washington DC (myspace), started the party with a groovy power pop and psychedelic elements. They were followed by the "Black Lips" from Atlanta (myspace) who turned up the heat and let the crowd jump with their rough power guitar play.

Unfortunately a lot of visitors close to the stage were drunk and some even started fights with  security which seemed to be understaffed.  But they soon brought it under control and the party continued peacefully. I certainly hope the Village Voice will continue this festival next year.

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